DRH Contadores offers experience and quality in all accounting services.

At DRH Contadores, we can, together with you, design business strategies that help you meet your goals and foster organizational progress.

Legal services

We analyze all aspects from our clients’ tax position, making the necessary changes that establish a legal platform for the proper development of their activities.

Consulting service

We are present in every stage of business, advising our clients to set a clear vision towards the objectives, providing certainty in their decision making.

Human Resources Services

We know business and its environment, we know the importance of human capital proper management. Thus, we evaluate periodically all the employees’ integral condition, offering you safety and efficiency in terms of labor obligations.

Tax Services

One of our clients’ main concerns is their tax payment. Taking into account the individuality of your business, we create tax strategies that facilitate compliance with obligations, always taking care of your financial stability.

Financial Services

A key aspect of businesses is finance management. Relying on research and the needs of every client, we identify the appropriate time for the implementation of new projects, investments and important changes within the company, thus, strengthening their financial stability.

“For this and more, you COUNT ON US”

DRH Contadores

DRH Contadores Servicios en contabilidad

Accounting and taxes

DRH Contadores Servicios en finazas

Management and strategic business consultancy

DRH Contadores Servicios en consultoría

Administrative coaching

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions? … DRH answers them.

Although we are headquartered in Mexico City, we can take care of you anywhere thanks to the growth of technological development and communication channels.

At DRH we know that all our clients are different, that’s why our fees adjust according to the service needs of our clients.

At DRH we care about the growth of your business. Consequently, we provide high-quality consulting service, and we will always support you throughout your business development.

We provide services to entrepreneurs who have business development in mind, businessmen who need a change in their organizations and all companies that require high-quality financial and tax information.

No, our services go beyond taxing. Our range of services go also from consultancy to personalized administrative coaching.

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“The way to wealth depends on just two words, industry and frugality.”

Benjamin Franklin

“Firm and patient optimism always yields its rewards.”

Carlos Slim

“No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success or ‘get rich’ in business by being a conformist.”

Paul Getty


Accountants in Mexico City

DRH Contadores Nuestra Misión


Provide professional consulting and advisory services, taking care of our clients’ needs properly, creating a corporate and entrepreneurial culture, delivering strategic planning which allows the creation of a comprehensive platform that contributes to increase productivity and achieve sustainable development. Provide business solutions based on permanent innovation and training, leading efforts to all economic sectors both nationwide and worldwide.

About us

We are a corporate comprehensive consulting practice made up of qualified professionals with extensive experience in different business areas, constantly trained and updated, always concerned about providing the best customer service.

DRH Contadores Nuestra Misión
DRH Contadores Nuestra Misión


Consolidate our position as a fundamental part of our clients’ development, attain the excellence in our areas of expertise, create a unique and institutional identity and philosophy through systems, techniques, and solutions that satisfy our staff and partners’ expectations, generating social benefits and growth to our country – until we achieve recognition for our leadership and competitiveness.

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Success stories

The high level of response to keep my tax commitments up to date.

Alberto Alarcón Hernández

Promptness, honesty and kind treatment.

Laura Patricia López Meneses

Preciseness in their statements.

Yolanda Medina

Reliability, they always find a solution to our needs.

Héctor Gómez Quevedo


QST. Quality Standard Technology SA de CV

Opportunities and compliance.

Rafael Buerba


Contact us to tell you more about our accounting services. Fill in a web form or e-mail us. Our headquarters is located on Río Lerma 217 piso 2 Col. Cuauhtémoc. CP. 06500. Del. Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México.

DRH Contadores Nuestra Misión