Foreign Investment

At DRH Contadores, we know that globalization brings with it big opportunities and challenges. That is why both companies and investors looking to invest in Mexico need to have an ally that helps and advises them on business growth and provides them with legal certainty, so they feel safe and are able to transact business considering their greater benefit.

Servicios jurídicos Advice on the opening of new businesses where foreign capital of individuals and companies is involved.

Servicios jurídicos Consulting in the creation of Mexican companies with foreign capital, from its legal creation to its start-up.

Servicios jurídicos Financial planning for correct decision making for foreign investors in Mexico..

Servicios jurídicos Advice and support in the application and processing of visas, Formas Migratorias Múltiples (FMM), Mexican residence cards.

Servicios jurídicos Analysis and interpretation of business financial information in Mexico for proper delivery to foreign investors.

Servicios jurídicos Introduction of tax regulations in Mexico for their correct interpretation abroad.

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