Consulting Services

We are present throughout every single stage of business, advising our clients to set a clear vision towards objectives granting certainty in decision-making. Advice on strategic, economic, financial, regulatory matters and everything business involves making sure operations give the expected results.

Servicios jurídicos Strategic consulting Informed decision-making is key for positioning a company in the market. To achieve this, deep knowledge of economic, social, financial, regulatory and general aspects of the environment is required to ensure its operations give the expected results (Strategy and Operations, Technology, Logistics and Foreign Trade).

Servicios jurídicos Risks and regulations. We help you identify, prevent and decrease potentially-harmful-to company situations, as well as increase company's growth through showing third parties the company is trustworthy, socially responsible, has reliable processes and technology, and complies with the rules and regulations of its sector. DRH team aims at assisting companies identify and manage risks at all levels seeking for risk smart management to help achieve such goals. (Cyber risk, regulation and risks, anti-corruption practices, debt advisory, financial advisory, governance, regulatory and risk, transformation and assurance controls).

Servicios jurídicos
Regardless of how complex your business questions are, at DRH, we are experienced and capable of providing you with the answers you need to move forward. By using relevant information, we can help you make decisions in order to achieve sustainable outcome.

Servicios jurídicos
Growth and transactions. Development of mergers' potential, acquisitions, investment and capital market transactions. Offerings are an opportunity for faster growth, stronger capabilities, and rapid transformation.

Servicios jurídicos
Investment in Mexico. We provide solutions to our clients, understanding the cultural aspects and their ways of doing business. We are a bridge between Mexico and companies overseas that see our country as a fundamental axis to do business.

Servicios jurídicos
Financial advisory and Financial restructuring. Our financial advisory team provides strategies and services to our clients in each phase of the economic cycle of their businesses. We have experts in the development of financial strategies that add value to shareholders.

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